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Organic Lawn Care in Millington, NJ

When it comes to maintaining a naturally healthy, lush yard, look no further than Greener Lawns for organic lawn care services. Imagine the plush feeling of pristine grass for your family and pets to enjoy, without all of the toxic chemicals left by typical fertilization processes.

Organic Lawn Care Services in New Jersey

With over 40 years of lawn care experience by your side, you can trust in our professionals to bring life back to a dry, brown, or unkempt yard. Using our special blend of natural organic lawn care nutrients, we can keep your grass green and healthy. Our organic fertilizer allows your children and pets to run freely in your yard without the fear of pesticides or other toxins being introduced into their systems.

Therefore, our organic lawn care provides the peace of mind you want and a beautiful lawn, all at an affordable price.

In Millington and the surrounding areas, give us a call at 908-647-4587 to learn more about our organic lawn care services.

Complete Organic Lawn Care Services

As a complete solution to all of your lawn care needs, we offer multiple organic lawn care solutions that can make your yard greener and healthier than ever before. While other lawn care companies state that they have organic lawn care options that utilize only 2 or 3 natural nutrients, Greener Lawns uses 10 natural ingredients to repair any dead or damaged grass from prior treatments and keep your lawn looking its best.

We offer a multitude of services and can customize any service package to your needs. Available natural lawn care services include:

Cost Comparison: Organic Lawn Care Services vs. Chemical Treatments

Cost of Organic Lawn Care

We use REAL ORGANIC lawn treatment products, which are inherently more costly when compared to traditional chemical lawn treatments. Yet while organic lawn care services are not the cheapest lawn treatment option, the benefits well outweigh the costs. From improved lawn growth and repair to an overall healthier, greener lawn, our organic lawn treatments promise a difference you can see. All while offering a system that is safer for your children and pets. When contacting us for New Jersey lawn care service, you should expect that our initial costs will be slightly higher than the traditional chemical lawn care treatments you are used to, but we keep an eye toward affordability, charging a lot less than comparable real organic lawn companies in other parts of the country.

Call today to request a quote and find out how our organic lawn care services can give you a healthy, safer lawn for your entire family to enjoy.

What Sets Our Lawn Care Services Apart

At Greener Lawns, we pride ourselves in being the absolute best organic lawn care service in the business, and we enjoy seeing the smiles of our customer’s faces when they see just how bright and green we can make their grass with our effective, safe, and natural soil aeration and lawn care treatments. Located in Millington, New Jersey, we offer our services to the surrounding areas including Madison, Westfield, Chatham, and Summit.

Organic Lawn Care Company

At Greener Lawns, we focus on formulating the finest chemical-free nutrient blends to produce optimal treatments specifically for the soil in New Jersey. This is compared to most other lawn companies that advertise organic lawn service, but use only organic base fertilizers. Organic base fertilizer nutrients are chemical fertilizers where only the fillers in the fertilizer are organic. These chemical fertilizers are high in salt that compacts the soil. Lawns using these types of fertilizers will have a lot of thatch, need more water, and can result in the toxic buildup of harmful chemicals such as arsenic, cadmium, and uranium in the soil. You deserve to have the greenest grass on the block, and Greener Lawns is here to make that a reality.

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Nothing makes us happier than knowing we can play a role in helping create memories of you and your family playing in soft, beautiful, green grass. Greener Lawns wants to revolutionize the way lawn care is handled, from the finest ingredients in our natural, organic lawn care treatment options to impeccable customer service. In Millington, give us a call at 908-647-4587 to learn more and get professional answers to your questions about our organic lawn care services.

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Greener Lawns Did Exactly That!

Got some help over the summer to get my lawn back to where it should have been ages ago. I requested some organic care and aeration and it worked great! Now I have the lush grass I have been looking for and got some really great tips from Joe on how to continue to keep my lawn maintained as he continues to improve our lawn over the next year. :)

- Robert
New Jersey

You Did A Great Job Repairing Our Lawn

You did a great job repairing our lawn. We have been getting a lot of compliments.

Thanks, Pete
Madison, NJ

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