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Imagine this, it is a sunny day with a slight breeze running through your neighborhood. The kids are all running around waiting to play, yet the moment you step outside you find a yard with dead patches, crunchy grass, and an overall dead look. Not only does your yard look malnourished, but there are also toxic chemicals and pesticides, which have the potential to cause health problems for your children, animals, and the environment. Now, imagine that same day except you trusted our organic fertilizer to keep your yard looking green, soft, and healthier than ever. Additionally, you never have to worry about you children playing in any toxic chemicals because our organic fertilizer is made with 10 natural ingredients; 7 of which can be found on your kitchen tables!

At Greener Lawns, we are fully confident in our service. Therefore, we offer the best guarantee in the business: we will repair any dead or damaged grass caused by any of our treatments that is not working as intended. To learn more about our guarantee, keep reading or call us at 908-647-4587 to speak to an organic lawn care specialist who can assist you with any questions you may have about organic fertilizer or provide for a free estimate for your lawn.

Our Organic Fertilizer Guarantees

  • For our 8 step 80% and 60% natural organic fertilizer programs, we guarantee that if any treatment does not work as intended, we will re-treat and repair all damage caused by the treatment for no additional cost. Repairs will be done by core-aeration and seeding or slice-seeding.
  • For our 6 step natural organic lawn programs, we guarantee that if any pesticide or fertilizer lawn treatment does not work, Greener Lawns will re-treat at no additional cost. Additionally, our 6 step program customers will receive a 10% discount on any lawn repairs. Note, our guarantee for fungus control does not start until the second year of service.

What’s Not Covered in Our Organic Fertilizer Guarantees?

With our organic lawn and fertilizer treatment guarantees, there are a couple things not covered under the guarantee. For instance, our guarantees do not cover lawns damaged by any other means that are not related to our lawn service or treatments such as: lawns damaged by too much or too little water, cut too high, too short, not often enough, too much shade, old aging grass, damage caused by misuse, abuse, too much traffic, Poa Annua, (annual blue grass) etc.

Our 100% natural organic fertilizer treatment program is guaranteed to keep grass and weeds green. All crab grass, weed, fungus, insect treatments, and lawn repairs will be an extra charge at customer’s request.

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Trust in Greener Lawn’s organic fertilizer treatments to bring your yard back to life. We understand what it takes to produce the greenest grass in New Jersey soil, being from in Millington, New Jersey ourselves. Greener Lawns also offers services surrounding areas include Madison, Westfield, Chatham, and Summit, among many more cities. Give us a call at 908-647-4587 to get your free estimate today from one of our organic lawn care specialists, and to start getting the organic fertilizer lawn service your lawn has always craved.

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Greener Lawns Did Exactly That!

Got some help over the summer to get my lawn back to where it should have been ages ago. I requested some organic care and aeration and it worked great! Now I have the lush grass I have been looking for and got some really great tips from Joe on how to continue to keep my lawn maintained as he continues to improve our lawn over the next year. :)

- Robert
New Jersey

You Did A Great Job Repairing Our Lawn

You did a great job repairing our lawn. We have been getting a lot of compliments.

Thanks, Pete
Madison, NJ

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