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Organic Fertilizer and Lawn Care FAQs

As experts when it comes to organic fertilizers and lawn care, we often get some really great questions from our customers, who many times are fed a variety of information from a mixture of sources. While some of this is good information, most of it is incorrect or inaccurate information that needs to be discussed in more depth. That is why we have created this page so you can see some of our most commonly asked questions about organic fertilizer, the services we provide, and more.

What makes Greener Lawns an expert on organic fertilizers?

Located in Millington, New Jersey, we are the premier lawn maintenance company specializing in organic fertilization for a more beautiful lawn without the harmful chemicals and toxins, which are prevalent in many traditional fertilizers. Since our beginnings, we have strived to give our customers a quality product they can trust, while simultaneously going above and beyond with exceptional customer service. All of our staff is trained to be experts on everything concerning organic fertilizers, lawn maintenance, lawn aeration, and lawn repair. For more information or to request a quote for organic lawn care service, give us a call at 908-647-4587 today!

Does your organic fertilizing program work?

We are confident that our organic fertilizing and lawn care programs are effective to give you a healthier and greener lawn. In fact, we often find that our programs work better than any chemical fertilizing program on the market. For the last 50 years, we have been continually perfecting our organic fertilizers to ensure the best results for New Jersey soil.

What makes Greener Lawns different from other organic lawn care companies?

About Organic Fertilizer and Lawn Care

Most companies that claim to offer organic lawn services are actually only using organic base fertilizers. These are fertilizers that use organic fillers, but chemical fertilizer. These chemical fertilizers are high in salt content, which compacts the soil. This creates lawns that have lots of thatching, need more water, aeration, and over seeding while also containing higher rates of chemicals.

Our organic lawn care services use only organic fertilizers and ingredients to supply your lawn with the nutrients needed for healthy growth.

What kind of organic fertilizer treatment options do you offer?

For your convenience, we offer 3 organic fertilizing programs that can be customized to your specific needs and preferences. Read more about our Organic Lawn Fertilizer Treatment Options online or contact us to learn more.

Do your organic fertilizers come with a guarantee?

We offer the best guarantee in the business for our organic lawn care and fertilization programs!

  • We will re-treat and repair any dead or damaged grass that is caused by our 8 step 80% and 60% natural organic fertilizer treatments not working as intended. Repairs will be done by core aeration and seeding or slice-seeding at no additional charge.
  • If any 6 step Natural Organic pesticide or fertilizer treatment does not work as intended, Greener Lawns will re-treat at no additional charge. 6 step program customers will also receive a 10% discount on lawn repairs.

How many ingredients are in your organic fertilizer formula?

We get this question a lot. While most companies only use 2 or 3 organic ingredients in their organic fertilizers, Greener Lawns uses 10 natural ingredients for our organic fertilizers. Of these 10 ingredients, all are safe and natural and 7 are even commonly found on the average kitchen counter.

Learn More About Our Organic Fertilizer Treatments

When it comes to making sure your yard is in excellent shape choose the company with nearly 5 decades of experience with organic fertilizers and lawn care. Give Greener Lawns a call at 908-647-4587 for more information, and to learn how you can get a free organic lawn care estimate today!

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Greener Lawns Did Exactly That!

Got some help over the summer to get my lawn back to where it should have been ages ago. I requested some organic care and aeration and it worked great! Now I have the lush grass I have been looking for and got some really great tips from Joe on how to continue to keep my lawn maintained as he continues to improve our lawn over the next year. :)

- Robert
New Jersey

You Did A Great Job Repairing Our Lawn

You did a great job repairing our lawn. We have been getting a lot of compliments.

Thanks, Pete
Madison, NJ

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